Our state of the art business to business pick and pack warehouse service in Melbourne is managed by a team of highly experienced individuals. Product fulfillment is a specialist area where expert organisational skills, attention to detail and customer service is paramount.

OTS Plus – State of the Art – Pick & Pack Warehouse Melbourne


Pick and Pack Warehouse Melbourne

Our comprehensive product fulfillment service is aimed at supporting the rapidly growing area of mail order and internet retailing (e-retailers).  Our objective is to meet all the requirements of our clients by delivering an efficient supply of goods together with timely management of orders all designed to support individual customer requests.

Issues of accuracy, order turnaround and delivery are very important as orders are picked and packed and generally delivered to the customer’s homes or DC’s. O.T.S Plus can provide product fulfillment services for both mail order and internet retailers.

OTS Plus offers an efficient, reliable and accurate pick and pack warehouse and distribution service in our Melbourne warehouse. We use the latest technology and run our own fully integrated technology-based warehouse and inventory management system. We provide (3PL) third-party fulfillment logistics solutions for any size business from start-up businesses to established corporate companies.

Our experienced consultants will analysis your operation and offer flexible and sustainable cost-effective bespoke partnership solution that meets all needs. We focus on 3 main areas for efficient processing and delivery of pick and pack e-commerce online ordering fulfillment:

  1. Quality Customer Service

    OTS Plus understands that quality customer service is essential for efficient e-commerce and online ordering fulfillment. Goods arriving at our warehouse are processes, documented and sorted efficiently and with care.

  2. Accurate and Seamless Electronic Information Transfer

    Our fast and seamless electronic information transfer system provides accurate and timely fulfillment of orders. Our Website Tracking System (WTG ) Cargo Wise, allows our clients the ability to have 24/7 online visibility access to their “stock control”, POD, orders placements and order in process, giving you a real-time view of all the activities in our warehouse.

  3. Fast Delivery

    OTS Plus operates their own transport trucking division which delivers a seamless integration from our warehouse through to our transport trucking cross docks and then to the end consumer or customer. This enables us to calculate Australia wide delivery at extremely competitive rates.

Additional pick & pack service options.

  • Unloading of containers both by hand or palletised.
  • Container content is checked for accuracy and errors are reported.
  • Goods repacking and stored for easy identification and fulfillment of orders.
  • Goods are stored correctly to avoid damage
  • Warehousing of goods to customers specifications
  • Record a tracking numbers alongside serial number for each item dispatched

Pick and Pack Customer Service

  • Same Day Despatch – Express
  • Next day Despatch – Standard
  • Transparent Online Access
  • Quality Control Processing & Storage
  • Online Track & Trace for both warehousing and freight
  • Scanning of all products into bays – this allows a small percentage of human errors.

Pick and Pack – Third Party Fulfillment (3PL)

With internet online ordering a standard addition for the majority of retailers and wholesalers, businesses are now exploring (3PL) third-party fulfillment logistics solutions for online ordering. Third party fulfillment logistics (3PL) can minimize the capital investment needed for warehousing and eliminated the need for full or part-time staff.  Our aim is to build lasting partnerships with businesses and save time, money and ultimately free business owners and managers to focus on other areas of their business.

Businesses will have the ability to use our Enterprise Management System to insert all their orders where goods are then taken out of stock, packed, recorded and then appropriately transported to the customers.

Special Commodities

OTS Plus can warehouse most products however; we have a number of specialty retail and wholesale industries which include:

  • Wine Beer and Alcohol – Bonded Warehousing
  • Homeware & Giftware Pick Pack Warehousing
  • Furniture (pre or flat packed) Pick Pack Warehousing
  • Electrical Good – White Good
  • Fashion Apparel Pick Pack Warehousing
  • Publications, Magazines & Books Pick Pack Warehousing