What are quarantine inspections?

Some goods when imported will be randomly selected for inspection by the department. These random inspections are also applied to cargo that would not typically be inspected on arrival.

What are container demurrage charges ( Inside the terminal )?

These charges are applicable when the container is available from the wharf and is not picked up in time by the transport company with the free period allowed by the terminal – usually 3 days

What are container Detention Charges ( outside the terminal )?

These charges are applied by the shipping line when the importer retains the container at their warehouse or depot beyond the allotted free time. Some shipping lines will allow between 5-7 days of free time to return the container.

What are container via depot charges?

If the importer is unable to receive the container on arrival, and want to delay delivery of the container, it is then move to a “depot “for storage.

What are steam cleaning charges?

if Australian Quarantine identifies dirt on the container or the product on arrival, this container or product will have to be steam leaned prior to release from the terminal.

What is a missed time slot charge?

If the container has been put on “customs hold “ the transport company is unable to retrieve the container with the confirmed “timeslot “of the shipping line.

What does a futile or missed trip charge?

If a transport company has been booked to pick up a container but there is a delay at the wharf, there will be an additional “futile trip Charge”.

What is “in Gauge and Out of Gauge “in an open top or flat rack container?

IN GAUGE: means that the dimension of your cargo is within the dimensions of the container permitted by the shipping line.

Out of GAUGE: means that the when the dimension of your cargo exceeds the Open Top container or the flat rack container, the shipping lines will charge “additional Slots “to compensate for the loss of space.

What are additional slots?

If a shipping line has to load cargo that is either Overweight or Overnight shipping line has to calculate how many “lost slots ( space ) they are losing to accommodate the cargo. The shipping line will charge “additional slots: for the extra space.

What additional fees do I have to pay for non stack-able pallets in a consolidation container?

If you pallets are not stack-able – we will charge you based on 2 meters of height rather than the actual pallet height due to the issue that we need to charge you for space that we cannot use.




What is considered a “Small parcel shipment“?

The guidelines vary but usually a box which is under approx. 70 kgs in volume / weight is considered a small parcel shipment.

What is a consolidation airfreight service?

A Consolidation Airfreight Service combines multiple shipment from different customs and the International Freight agent offers importer the potential of sharing in a ULD Devise

How long do I have to wait for cargo to be delivered once it arrives at the airport?

Once cargo arrives at airport, we pick up the cargo from the airline and it is brought back to our warehouse for a check in – Usually between 3-4 days cargo will be available.




Who is responsible if my cargo gets damaged in the warehouse?

All clients are required to have their own insurance for their products in a warehouse.

What happens if my cargo gets damaged in transit from the port to the warehouse?

All clients are required to have marine insurance to cover their cargo.

How far in advance do I have to give to collect my cargo from the warehouse?

For next day delivery / pickup there is an 11 am cut off, on the day prior

What is the cost of storage in a bonded warehouse

Cost depends on the product and volume of cargo to be stored.

How do I place my orders with the warehouse?

We offer two possibilities:
– Either through our platform or
– Via email directly to our operations department

How many days’ notice do I need to give the warehouse If I want to close my account.

We require a 30 days’ notice period with a final stock take to be completed before departure.

When do Transport companies charge a waiting time fee?

Trucking companies allow a certain amount of “free time” to pick up cargo from the depot to final client. If they cannot pickup, deliver and unload the cargo within the “free time allowed “there will “waiting time Fee “ Free time varies between transport companies.



Do I need Insurance when importing or exporting?

Insurance is a must in the world of International Freight as most claims that are put through to the shipping lines , airlines or freight companies are refused as clients are expected to.
Be insured and covered.

What is the best option of Marine Insurance policy for a startup company?

The cheapest and best option for anyone who has just started is to pay for a “single shipment insurance cover “which is ideal for client with infrequent.

What are the typical freight claims?

There are four (4) common types of freight claims in this industry i.e.:
1. Damage
2. Loss
3. Shortage
4. Concealed damage

What happens when my stock arrives damaged – who do I contact?

Once stock has been unloaded from the truck , and importer notices damage has occurred these are the steps to follows:
Step 1:
– Count the cartons, packages against your document.
– Ensure you sign your “Proof of Delivery Document” and mentioned how many cartons /pallets have been received damaged on this document.
Step 2:
– Notify your insurance company (if you have one) or your shipping agent with either an Intent or a Formal Claim Document with full details of the loss in $$ and the description of what has been damaged. Attach to the claim you should have the following documents.

a. Photos of the damaged product
b. Copies of all shipping document including invoicing
c. Copy of any report by a surveyor (if required)

How long do I have to put in a claim?

A claim to be acted upon immediately at least within 5 days of the receipt of the goods.

How long does it take to settle a claim?

Every insurance claim is different however as a general rule it can take between 1 month to 6 months depending on the complexity of the claim.




What is the meaning of Rate of Exchange ( ROE )?

An exchange rate is a “rate “at which a foreign currency will be exchanged for another.

What is Currency Adjustment Factor ( CAF ) surcharge?

It is a “surcharge “ or a “Buffer “added to your Freight Invoice to compensate for any currency fluctuations. Most international Freight companies charge between 2.5 – 5%

Can I avoid paying a CAF surcharge on my Australian Freight Invoice?

You can ask your freight company if they will charge you in Foreign Currency. However, you will probably be charging a Bank fee to cover the loses on the fluctuation which may vary between A$ 25.00 to A$ 50.00 dollars.

What are the different density ratios?

Airfreight : 1 cubic = 167 kgs
Sea freight: 1 cubic = 1000 kgs
Road Freight: 1 cubic = 300 – 250 kgs

What is the difference between Dense Vs volume Cargo?

If cargo is heavy ( eg: machine y ) this is considered Dense Cargo, As the weight will be greater than the volume. If cargo is light ( eg: Chairs) this will be considered Volume Cargo, as the volume will be greater than the weight.

How do I calculate the volume of a pallet?

You take the length x width x height and multiply ( x ) by the ratio of either Air, Sea or Road