Retailers and wholesalers can feel confident their furniture cargo is handled by experience furniture freight forwarders and logistics professionals.


OTS Australia provide 3PL logistics solutions when importing furniture.

Understands the complexities of international shipping and transportation of furniture is essential for cost-effective outcomes. Consulting an industry leader who will manage your furniture freight and logistic whether it be importing or exporting. The safe transport and delivery of your furniture cargo are at the top of our priority. As a trusted logistic company with high-quality standards in customer relations and communication, we are committed to providing the most efficient and cost-effective outcome.


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Importing furniture into Australia – Quarantine Costs.

First time or new importer need to be aware when it comes to importing furniture into Australia companies must be aware Australia has one of the world’s strictest laws in relation to goods that may be contaminated, if not managed correctly you can expect heavy additional costs.

There are many considerations should your cargo not be handled correctly which include a hefty cost for:

  • Fumigating your furniture
  • Destruction of your furniture
  • Re-export of furniture to the original destination
  • Storage of furniture

Australia’s strict quarantine regulations are developed to protect their natural resources, wildlife ecology and agricultural industries from pesticides and diseases. Furniture and timber can be contaminated by timber pest or pests which contaminate soil, seeds, and weeds. The AQIS will conduct inspections of your goods, therefore, you must notify the AQIS of the specific items in your consignment. It is essential to be fully aware of AQIS and Australian custom and border protection service.



OTS Australia has been servicing the commercial furniture trade for over 30 years.

We Provide Shipping and Freight Forwarding Services for:

• Wholesale
• Retail
• Manufacturing
• Distribution
• Procurement
• Suppliers
• Sales

Secure Flat Pack Furniture Warehousing and Storage with Insurance Coverage.

Furniture Flat Pack – Freight – Warehouse – Distribution

OTS Australia offers secure warehousing and storage including bond warehousing.

Ideal for flat pack furniture & kitchens modules storage and distribution.  Delivery Australia wide.


Should there be any quarantine concerns, goods will be treated and you will be billed for the cost of treatment.

OTS has experienced furniture freight forwarders and will guide you through the requirements to ensure your cargo/goods arrive intact, safely and with the least amount of unnecessary delays and additional costs.