OTS Australia & OTS Plus are please to announce their merger with Hartrodt.


For more information see official Merger Announcement and Shipping Italy Article

An exciting new chapter awaits us, and we look forward to joining the new hartrodt family around the world.
Cinzia Sangalli
Executive Director

Cinzia Sangalli 


Our International Freight Forwarding and Bond Warehousing was headed up by Cinzia Sangalli a specialist consultant for the international logistics industry.

Born in Milano (Italy) and having lived in Australia for the past 22 years Cinzia has more than 28 years’ experience providing valuable service and advice to the international import and export industries.

As the CEO of OTS Australia and OTS Plus, Cinzia leads the company’s vision and brand, always looking for opportunities to grow the business by using customer-first strategies and of course taking care of the people in the organisation. As a leader and owner of the company, she delivers advise and reports to the board of directors, leads and motivates employees and drives positive change within the organisation.

Using her vast experience and expertise in the industry Cinzia opens new markets for new products and in addition to this, she also helps clients connect with overseas suppliers. Providing sound advice and services for clients when they need to ship their orders, deal with suppliers and terms of payments as well as connecting international companies with international freight solutions.

In addition to her responsibilities as CEO, Cinzia also run the sales team where she provides sales direction. Being hands-on she loves working in the field visiting clients and companies, assisting them with their transport, logistics, warehousing, and distribution needs. Dealing directly with the CEO provides her clients with consistency, a superior service which establishes valuable customer relation. This is type of service is often difficult to get from a multinational organisation.


OTS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD – Global Freight Forwarders


OTS Australia has built a highly competitive and successful global transport service for importers and exporters. We have offices for freight forwarders Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane. Whether you are a small and larger importer or exporter, we offer a complete and fully integrated global freight forwarding services. Our experienced team can provide solutions that will deliver fast and effective end-to-end chain supply solutions. Moving in the world of international cargo transportation and using every means available, we focus on one sole objective: to meet client’s needs and requirements. Our focus today and for the future is clear: dedicate ourselves to consistency, quality, and the highest level of service in everything we do. And, when it comes to picking up goods, storing them and transporting to wherever and whenever required, this is what OTS Australia does best.


OTS PLUS – Warehousing & Transport Distribution Services


OTS Plus our warehousing and transport division provides practical, sustainable, and cost-effective contract warehousing and transport distribution logistics solutions. Our extensive warehousing and distribution service can meet the needs of small or large corporations. Whether your needs are great or small, we can provide a wide range of Supply Chain Services (end to end).

When it comes to warehousing and transport distribution, our main aim is to offer businesses a flexible and cost-effective outsourcing service. We provide a dedicated consultant for every business this ensuring a personalised service and tailored solutions. With this approach, we can work closely with our clients to obtain clear objectives by fully understanding their business needs. We offer solutions that will enhance their business growth and deliver cost savings without compromising quality outcomes.

NOTE: OTS Australia provides a Business to Business service and does not deal with personal items this includes personal effects and household items (Cars, clothing, electrical goods, furniture etc)