Looking for Warehouse Pallet Space in Melbourne?


Warehouse Pallet Space                 


OTS PLUS (A Division of a hartrodt) provides an efficient and reliable warehouse pallet space & storage service for businesses looking at storing pallets for short- or long-term requirements. Importers and Exporter with an overflow stockpile infantry can utilise our short- and long-term warehouse pallet storage solutions. We offer a variety of pallet storage methods which offer solutions for different products.


Our Warehouse Pallet Space Systems include:


• Block Stand

This refers to single unit loads stacked on top of each other and stored on the warehouse floor. Pallets are stacked to a specific height based on pallet conditions, weight of the load and height clearance.

• Hardstand

This refers to oversize pallets/units which cannot be fitted into our racking system. We offer this facility both indoor and in our outdoor areas that are secure and well maintained.

• Single – Deep Pallet Rack

This pallet racking provides access to each pallet stored in the rack. When the pallet is removed, the space is immediately available for a new pallet to be place in that space. This type of racking can be configured in a number of ways.

Along with our trusted and quality warehouse pallet space, we can distribute your pallets anywhere in Australia. For a fast reply, simply complete a “Request Warehouse Quote” today and we will reply in no time.


Pallets In & Pallets Out Warehousing & Distribution.


Looking for pallet-in pallet-out warehouse service in Melbourne? OTS Plus provide comprehensive storage solutions for international shipments of packages, pallets, and containers at affordable rates.
Break Bulk Shipments –

OTS Plus provide “Break Bulk Shipments’ for business looking to receiving, storing, and deliver complete and partial pallet shipments throughout Australia. This service is often called “Pallets In / Pallet Out”. The process and turnaround are efficient and allows for a straightforward execution and delivery.


What is break bulk cargo transportation?


Break bulk ocean transport is the method commonly used to successfully transport goods in pieces separately, rather than being shipped in a container. Goods that often cannot fit into a standard container can be shipped in crates, bags, boxes, drums, barrels and are referred to as break bulk cargo shipments. These types of cargoes are often large in sizes and dimensions.


What are the benefits of Break Bulk Shipments?


The main benefit of using break bulk shipping is that it becomes easier for shippers to move oversized, over-weight items that wouldn’t otherwise fit into a container or cargo bin. In some cases, breakbulk can be an affordable way to ship such large cargo. This service is often recommended for items that cannot be dismantled and therefore cannot fit into a container. Ideal for shipping items such as Boats, Yachts and Heavy Machinery.

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