Looking for Warehouse Pallet Space in Melbourne ?


Warehouse Pallet Space                 


OTS PLUS provides an efficient and reliable warehouse pallet space & storage service for businesses looking at storing pallets for short- or long-term requirements. Importers and Exporter with an overflow stockpile infantry can utilise our short- and long-term warehouse pallet storage solutions. OTS PLUS offer a variety of pallet storage methods which offer solutions for different products.


Our Warehouse Pallet Space Systems include:


• Block Stand

This refers to single unit loads stacked on top of each other and stored on the warehouse floor. Pallets are stacked to a specific height based on pallet conditions, weight of the load and height clearance.

• Hardstand

This refers to oversize pallets/units which cannot be fitted into our racking system. We offer this facility both indoor and in our outdoor areas that are secure and well maintained.

• Single – Deep Pallet Rack

This pallet racking provides access to each pallet stored in the rack. When the pallet is removed, the space is immediately available for a new pallet to be place in that space. This type of racking can be configured in a number of ways.

Along with our trusted and quality warehouse pallet space, OTS PLUS can distribute your pallets anywhere in Australia. For a fast reply, simply complete a “Request Warehouse Quote” today and we will reply in no time.