For most smaller importers, it is important to understand the fundamentals of importing whitegoods and electrical appliances into Australia as there are strict regulation standards.
Australian importers must establish that all whitegoods and electrical appliances are environmentally safe and comply to safety standard and complete the necessary permits.


What to look for when Importing Whitegoods into Australia?


1. Source A Trusted Manufacturer

Find out if the manufacturers have supplied large quantities to Australia, this will give you an indication whether they understand Australia regulation standard. Overseas white goods manufacturers must comply to Australia strict regulation standards.

2. Request a Specification Sheet.

Specification sheets outline any pre-charged gases used. This is important information for your customs broker. This information will identify whether the product meets Australia regulations.

3. Experienced Customs Broker

It is important that your customs broker can evaluate each product for conformity and one who understands the “Prohibited Import Regulation”.

4. Understand The Rules

Check with your Freight forwarder if you are uncertain. Depending on your quantities you may or may not need a PERMIT. Smaller quantities can be exempt, also understand your quantity limits.


What to look for when Imported Electrical Appliances into Australia?


1. Check Goods are Electrically Safe.

All electrical appliances imported and sold in Australia must be proven to be electrically safe and be environmentally friendly.

2. Product Must Comply to Australian Standards

When imported “Electrical Appliances” they must comply with Australia’s Electrical Safety Standards (AS/NZS 3820)

If your are looking for a freight forwarder or shipping company when importing Whitegoods or Electrical Appliance into Australia, please speak with our Sales Director on 1300 665 294