OTS Australia provides business to business  (3PL) 3rd Party Global logistics freight services with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. We formulate and deliver complete global chain supply solutions and work closely with wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers who import or export.  An experienced international logistics company offering international air & sea freight forwarding, warehousing, and transport distribution services.

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3rd Party Logistics (3PL) Solutions Working with the Latest Technology in Big Data, Cloud Based Tools and Mobile Applications:

Our aim is to deliver effective business to business (3PL) 3rd Party logistic solutions driven by sound technology applications that will reduce our client’s costs whilst maintaining and achieving their strategic objectives. Our experienced international logistic freight services, project management, and process design capabilities enable us to consult directly with our customer’s to develop tailored logistic outsourcing solutions.

Customer service is at the core of our business services.

Our experienced international logistic freight services, project management, and process design capabilities qualify us to consult directly with our customer’s to develop tailored (3PL) 3rd party logistics outsourcing solutions. Understanding customer’s needs and issues together with identifying short & long term strategic objectives is at the core of our consulting.


A thorough needs analysis allows us to build tailored process management solutions. Our aim is to deliver effective solutions that will reduce our client’s costs whilst maintaining and achieving their strategic objectives.  Ensuring your cargo is essential, we have outlined The Importance of ensuring your cargo.


 3PL & 4PL Contract Logistics Solutions:

  • Logistics Process Outsourcing – Managing your strategic logistic objectives
  • Big Data – Supply Chain Management
  • Cloud-based warehouse management
  • Real-time inventory management
  • International & Local Procurement Logistics
  • Logistics Records Management
  • IT Systems Updates
  • Call Centre Services
  • Financial Settlements
  • Third Party Vendor Management
  • International Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Local Transportation Distribution & Cartage Management
  • International and Local E-Commerce Warehousing
  • Reverse Logistics – E-commerce Return Management


Top 10 essential requirements when outsourcing a 3PL Contract Logistics providers:

  1. Identify whether the company can adequately handle your business?
  2. How financially sound is the company?
  3. Do they have expertise in your product or similar products?
  4. Do they have a well-established global network of agents in your originating and delivery ports?
  5. How many client account contracts do they manage?
  6. Does the freight forward have cargo insurance?
  7. Is the company an accredited member of the requirement associations?
  8. Does the company keep up to date on new policies and standards?
  9. How well do they communicate with their clients?
  10. Flexible business partnerships – Identifying cultural and operational alignment is fundamental to a successful partnership.

Why choose OTS Australia for international freight forwarding and ( 3PL ) third-party logistics?

Your success ..Is our success!

Outsourcing a third-party logistics provider will not only save your company time and money but valuable staff resources. It is also important to know what to look for when choosing an international freight forwarder or outsourcing a third party logistic provider.

OTS Australia is a large organisation supported by a global network of shareholders, global partners and together with our OTS Plus division who manage our warehouses and national transport distribution service we are large enough to manage any size business from small SME’s to large corporate global organisation.

Our extensive local and overseas agent work consistently to maintain high standards of delivery also aiming to ship goods with the first sailing vessel.  This together with several carrier contracts gives us alternative options to ensure your cargo gets on board and is shipped to meet sensitive timeline requirements.  This is particularly important for peak season efficiency or for cargo that is time sensitive particular industries such as fashion, shoes and retail seasonal products.

OTS Plus offers integrated warehousing and transport distribution service.  With 2 states of the art warehouses located in Melbourne and Sydney and our own fleet of trucks operated by OTS Plus, we offer a cost-effective and flexible transport distribution service Australia wide.

OTS Australia has particular knowledge and expertise in commodities such as: Fashion, Shoes, Furniture & Giftware, Wine & Beer, Infant Formulas, Timber, Cars, Heavy Machinery, and Parts.  However, we can ship any commercial cargo to and from Australia.

OTS Australia is financially sound.  It is important to work with financially sound freight forwarding companies.  Cargo must be released on time so you do not accumulate further unnecessary charges such as detention costs and demurrage fees.

Communication and personalised service is our strength, we have experienced and long established team members who are regularly trained on industry updates, communications and customer relations.

Every client has a dedicated customer service person who with handle their cargo and manages their needs.
No client is left wait for someone to service their needs.
Efficient international freight forwarding documentation turnaround is a fundamental service and is essential for time-sensitive cargo.

OTS Australia is accredited and a certified member of :

  • International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations   (FIATA )
  • Australian Federation of International Forwarders (AFIF)
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • The Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia Inc. (CBFCA)
  • Explosive Licence Permit No 1402786 (Dangerous Cargo Licence)

For more information or to arrange an appointment contact Cinzia Sangalli on 1300 782 708