OTS Australia (a division of a hartrodt) provides business to business  3PL Global logistics services with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Business and logistics consultants we analysis, plan and deliver end-to-end supply chain solutions.

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Air Freight Forwarders


Sea Freight Forwarders

Sea Freight Forwarders


Warehousing Distribution

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The Benefits of Outsourcing 3PL Global Logistics Services

Outsourcing a third-party logistics provider will not only save your company time and money but valuable staff resources. An experienced and reliable third-party service provider allows companies to better focus on their primary business operations. And, with supply chain transparency, you will be better able to make sound supply chain decisions. Our aim is to deliver effective solutions whilst maintaining and achieving short- and long-term business objectives.

Grow your Business with Industry Experts.

Expert consultation and business strategy. Advance your business with supply chain analysis and tailored support from our industry experts.

What are the benefits of working with 3PL supply chain industry partner?
• Drive Cost Savings
• Get Access to Expertise and Experience.
• Focus on Core Competencies.
• Gain Flexibility and Scalability.
• Enable Business Growth and Market Expansion.
• Improve Customer Satisfaction.

 Our 3PL Global Logistics Services:

The entire process involves five key steps: planning, sourcing, execution, delivery and returns. Our services include:

  • Supply Chain Analysis Consultation
  • Industry Freight Management Solutions
  • Pick & Pack Fulfillment
  • E-Commerce Warehousing
  • International & Local E-Commerce Warehousing
  • International & Local Transport Distribution
  • Bond & Excise Warehousing
  • Cloud-based Warehouse Management
  • Custom Clearance
  • Quarantine Services

Why choose OTS Australia (a division of a hartrodt) for international freight forwarding and ( 3PL ) third-party logistics?

Experience & Reliable

Efficient Communication and personalised service is our strength, we have experienced and long established team members who are regularly trained on industry updates, communications and customer relations.

135 Years In the Industry

OTS Australia (A division of a.hartrodt) a hartrodt have 135 years in the international transport business, with over 100 locations and 2,000 employees around the world, building bridges and opening doors for our clients.

Financially Sound

What this means is OTS Australia (A division of a hartrodt) is financially sound. It is important to work with financially sound supply chain logistic companies. Cargo must be released on time, so you do not accumulate further unnecessary charges such as detention costs and demurrage fees.

Integrated Services

OTS Plus Warehousing ( A Division of a hartrodt) offers integrated warehousing and transport distribution services.  With states of the art warehouses and our own fleet of trucks operated by OTS Plus, we offer a cost-effective and flexible transport distribution services Australia wide.

Specialist Commodities

OTS Australia ( A Division of a hartrodt) has logistic and warehousing expertise in commodities such as:  Fashion Sportswear Shoes & Footwear, Flat Pack Furniture & Giftware, Wine, Spirits & BeerWhite-goods & Electrical Appliances, Machinery, Boilers & Equipment Spare Parts. However, we can ship and warehouse any commercial cargo to and from Australia.

Dedicated Sale Consultants

Every client has a dedicated customer service person who with handle their cargo and manages their needs.  No client is left wait for someone to service their needs. And, our Sales Directors are on hand for tailored end to end 3PL logistics solutions.