Francesca Italian Fashion Imports, Melbourne


I have known Cinzia Sangalli for the past ten years. Cinzia is a very professional person who has treated us with the upmost respect. She has a deep understanding of business and especially of our requirements. Cinzia has an exceptional work ethic with a passion for clear and practical approach to sales. I have been very satisfied with the service I have received in the past years and I look forward to continued support from her and her staff. I would have no hesitation in recommending Cinzia to any client or company who requires a very best of commitment and service.
Francesca Listro – Owner

Higher than 80% for communication, Tasmania

Machinery Freight Forwarders

Hi Cinzia,

As part of our ISO certification Muir Engineering has recently (2014) undertaken an evaluation of the service provided by OTS to Muir.

I would like to advise you that OTS scored higher than 80% for communication, service satisfaction and price competitiveness.

The following comments were made – “Very efficient with good communication. No issues over period of survey that could be attributed to OTS. Similar pricing to others. Good notification service”.

We will continue to use OTS as our preferred supplier and we thank you for your good service.

Kim Ayres, Purchasing Manager

Life with Bird, Melbourne / Sydney


“We have been using O.T.S Australia as our freight forwarder for over two years. They have proven to be hard working, honest, and above all responsive to our ever-changing needs. As a testimony to that, we highly recommend OTS Australia to any business in the fashion industry. I have no doubt that Cinzia’s business will continue to grow and prosper, due to her ongoing commitment to customer service.”
Sarah Akroyd – Production Manager
Raffaella Stefanovski – Finance Manager

Milano Italian Shoes, Melbourne


I have been importing Italian shoes, handbags, clothing and accessories for over 30 years. A reliable and efficient freight forwarder is essential for my business. Cinzia has provided these essentials and much more, she has been looking after my freight from Italy for many years, I have lost count. I would not hesitate to recommend her or any of her services.
Cira Bancroft

Muir Windlasses Australia, Tasmania


Muir Engineering has been using OTS for our overseas importing needs for many years now and they do a fantastic job for us!
Cinzia and her staff are efficient, friendly and always professional. We are always treated in a manner that makes us feel like they really value our business and they are very competitive cost wise too.
They keep us informed on the status of our shipments and also of any shipping information or changes in legislation that may affect our business. We are very happy with the great job they do for us and highly recommend their services.
Kim Ayres – Purchasing Manager

Red Hat Impact

Supporting women's enterprise in the Pacific


Across the Pacific, there is a growing number of enterprises owned and operated by women that produce hand-made reusable menstrual pads, nappies and other similar products. These products are then sold to NGOs and local consumers. The enterprises provide skilled jobs for women and income for their owners. The products support better health outcomes for women, girls and infants.

All of these enterprises face a common challenge, which is accessing a steady supply of input materials at reasonable prices. The main materials used in production are hard to find in most Pacific countries. When they are locally available the prices are very high. Often, the enterprises have no choice but to purchase these materials in small quantities at retail prices from overseas, and import them using ‘suitcase trade’.

To overcome this challenge, Red Hat Impact Pty Ltd is working with the enterprises and other partners, including O.T.S. Australia Pty Ltd ( Logistics and Warehousing Company ) , to establish a more reliable supply of materials at lower and more stable prices. Bulk quantities of these materials are purchased and shipped to a hub in Brisbane and then sent on to the enterprises, enabling them to plan longer and more consistent production runs. The enterprises are also offered trade terms that let them manufacture and sell through their products before paying for their materials. This fundamentally improves their ability to take on and fulfil larger orders, and helps the women to grow their business.

Paul Howorth

Red Hat Impact

Sporting Goods & Equipment Supplier

Sporting Goods & Equipment

Our company has been supplying Sporting Goods / Equipment across Australia for more than 23 year. As athletes, we look for advantages to obtain better performance. Warehousing and Supply Chain is no different. Doing it the traditional way has some benefits but these are outweighed by modern 3PL warehousing. As a director of a company, I personally gained more than 15 hours a week in lost travel time and other unproductive past activities. I’ve been able to gain those hours back to have better utilisation of my time and to reach out to new clients and win more business. We now no longer have the hassles and headaches of outgrowing warehouse space, dealing with container unloads, driver delivery delays and managing a warehouse, just to name a few. We had been recommended OTS Plus by a major sporting brand who also uses their 3PL services. We decided to put OTS Plus on our shortlist and after our due diligence and crunching the numbers we decided to partner with OTS Plus and through this new partnership we gained the total support loop by also partnering with the OTS Transport arm. OTS Transport manage all our imports and deliveries to OTS Plus, which also includes customs clearance etc.. The relationship with OTS Plus and OTS Transport has enabled our company to have a centralised shipping and warehousing service/function with the OTS Group. We now have visibility from start to finish. We have achieved this efficiency with reduced overhead costs and all the benefits of working remotely and autonomously under this structure and business model. It was a saviour during 2020 and its unprecedented disruptions to normal business practices. So no matter, if our teams in downtown Melbourne, interstate or overseas, our business is always keep operating. The staff are professional and genuinely always there to assist and improve. They are an extension to our company and we share the same vision






Supermaquette, Sydney

Art Exhibitions

Cinzia Sangali and her colleagues at OTS have been responsible for all our freight and logistics needs since 2004. Our first project together was an exhibition of Australian designs at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. Everything was managed with meticulous care and attention resulting in a stress-free experience for my company. This has been the manner in which we have worked together since that time over a range of design and architectural projects. Ms Sangali is very personable and professional, always looking to see how she can provide the very best service for her clients. These are qualities I admire and the reason why OTS is our exclusive freight company.
Kathy Demos – Director

The RIX Group, Sydney


I write to applaud the service provided to us by O.T.S and specifically Cinzia Sangalli.
Over the past few years I have both personally and professionally brought goods into Australia from Asia. We are not large importers but regardless of the size of the deal Cinzia is always there with her very professional & knowledgeable advice.
I would highly recommend Cinzia and her team for their high levels of service, communication, advice, prompt attention & swift and efficient problem solving offering value for money at all times.
Should you wish to contact me for references please do not hesitate.
Matthew Hicks – Managing Director

Wendy Rawady, Novelist, Melbourne

Books & Publishing

Cinzia is creative and a problem solver. We have worked together on projects and I am always impressed. A classy and effective partnership on all undertakings.
Wendy Rawady – Novelist