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OTS Australia (A Division of a hartrodt) licensed customs clearance brokers and tariff concessions specialists.

OTS Australia ( A Division of a hartrodt) have licensed customs clearance brokers and is a member of CBFCA (Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia) who promote training and professional development for its members. The CBFCA functions as a peak industry body for customs brokers and international freight forwarders.

Australian Trusted Trader


OTS Australia Pty Ltd (A Division of a hartrodt) has been approved an Australian Trusted Trader ( ATT ) with Australian Border Force. Being an approved ATT we can offer our clients a range of benefits such as :

We will have our own Account Manager to improve compliance with border requirements and resolve border issues

We will benefit from less red tape when importing Consolidated Cargo. Our customs department will be able to lodge a single import declaration for consignments covered by multiple cargo reports for all sea and air cargo types allowing us to clear faster.

OTS Aust, will receive a priority processing through the National Trade Advice Centre and the National Refunds Intervention. This includes advance rulings in relation to tariffs, valuation and origin, advance ruling reviews, duty drawback claims and refund and remission applications for customs import duty

As a Trusted Trader, Border Protection sees as a low risk and will give us priority treatment at the border. This means faster customs processing and fewer interventions. If a Cargo examination is required, we will receive priority processing. For any issues experienced at the border, such as goods held for examinations, we can contact our Account Manager to ensure goods receive priority treatment

A number of countries recognise ATT status under Mutual Recognition Arrangements (with countries such as New Zealand, Korea, Canada, Hong-Kong, China, Singapore ) Trusted Trader exporters will receive trade facilitation benefits at the border of our partner countries, providing faster access to international markets.


The Importance of  Licensed Custom Clearance Brokers:


A licensed customs clearance broker offers the correct procedures and plays an important role in your supply chain services when importing goods into Australia. Finding an in-house brokerage services that are managed by licensed brokers that are quarantine accredited professionals are essential and they include:

Customs Clearance Broker services:

  • Accurate evaluation of correct duty liability
  • Assessing and minimising risks and costs associated with compliance.
  • Informing and evaluating opportunities for refunds and drawbacks of duty.
  • Advice on Quarantine and Bio Security matters
  • Advice on Import GST
  • Identify and advise the correct documentation required to clear goods into Australia
  • Landed Costings
  • Prohibited Goods assessment.

Customs Clearance Brokers Consultancy Service and Advice:

  • Valuation Advice
  • Audits on previous import shipments up to 4 years and customs duty refunds if applicable
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • Assistance with the correct requirement for Import licenses & Labelling.
  • The Importance of insuring your cargo


Tariff Concession Specialist and Tariff Concession Applications.

Businesses importing products that are not manufactured in Australia can apply for a tariff concession order.  Tariffs can vary from product to product.  If you are unsure it is best you consult with a specialist who can determine the correct tariff concession and help complete your tariff concession application,  contact Cinzia Sangalli on 1300 782 708.


Customs Clearance Brokers Procedures & Documentation:

Timely and accurate preparation and completion of Customs Clearance procedures and documentation are essential to ensure:

  • We avoid late delivery of cargo to our clients – thus avoiding detention costs
  • We avoid penalties that may be applied by Customs and Quarantine Inspections
  • We identify the best options to save our clients’ money by applying the correct tariff classifications and concessions.

OTS Australia (A Division of a hartrodt) is fully computerized with EDI link with Australian Customs which guarantees those correct procedures are implemented when importing cargo. We provide detailed audits to any client who wishes to understand if they can receive any further refunds of duties.

For more information on Customs Clearance or to arrange an appointment contact Cinzia Sangalli on 1300 782 708