OTS-Australia Pty Ltd (A division of a hartrodt Australia P/L) are an experienced international freight company, providing a seamless airfreight solution at affordable prices from around the world to your door in Australia including all customs clearance and national deliveries.

Consolidation Service:

A reliable and trusted partner offering a true “door to door “service with weekly consolidation departures from Europe to Australian Airports with unpacking in our own Australian Warehouses for a quick availability of cargo on arrival. A Consolidation Service combines multiple shipments from different customers and enables us to offer our clients, a cheaper option than sending cargo on its own.

We offer Consolidation services with a fixed departure and fixed space from the following countries:

Europe to Australia Services

  • Airfreight consolidation from Italy | Milano Airport to Australian airport
  • Airfreight consolidation from Germany | Frankfurt Airport to Australian Airports
  • Airfreight consolidation from Germany | Munich Airport to Australian Airports
  • Airfreight consolidation from Spain | Barcelona Airport to Australians Airport

Asia and South -East Asia Consolidation Services:

  • From China |Shenzhen Airport to Australian Airports
  • From China | Guangzhou Airport to Australian Airports
  • From China| Shanghai Airport to Australian Airports
  • From Chian | Beijing Airport to Australian Airports
  • From China |Hongkong Airport to Australian Airports
  • From Philippine | Manila Airport to Australian Airports
  • From Vietnam | Ho Chi Minh Airport to Australian Airports
  • From Thailand | Bangkok Airport to Australian Airports
  • From Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur Airport to Australian Airports
  • From Singapore | Singapore Airport to Australian Airports

When choosing to import your products using our airfreight consolidation services it is important to remember what your requirements are:


  • If cargo is urgent airfreight will be the best mode of transport
  • If cargo is “high value “airfreight rates can be absorbed easily
  • Consider airfreight service if the shipping costs are less than 20% of the value.
  • Consider airfreight service for dense cargo.



Airfreight Forwarders


For more information on international air freight forwarding rates or to arrange a consultation with our Sales Director call 1300 665 294