OTS-Australia are experienced business to business international air freight forwarders providing a complete end to end service when transporting cargo from Europe to Australia. Ask about our weekly consolidation service from Italy, France, Germany, and UK to Australian.

We offer Competitive International Air Freight Forwarders Rates for:

Europe: Italy, France, Germany, UK.

S/East Asia: China, Singapore, Indonesia.


A reliable and trusted international air freight forwarder with over 20 years’ experience working with commercial businesses ensuring their goods are imported or exported efficiently, on time and within budget.

OTS Australia provide competitive international air freight rates from Europe and South East Asia will strength in the following locations:


  • International Air freight Italy to Australia
  • International Air freight France to Australia
  • International Air freight Germany to Australia
  • International Air freight UK to Australia


  • International Air freight China to Australia
  • International Air freight Hong Kong to Australia
  • International Air freight Singapore to Australia
  • International Air freight Indonesia to Australia

International air freight costs are generally much higher than sea freight; however, there are many advantages with air freight such as:


Air Freight – Aircraft Loading platform
  • The speed, reliability and the frequency of flights to and from Australia which make this a popular mode of transport for businesses in need of managing time restraints.
  • The networks of destinations are extensive across the world together with efficient Interline facilities.
  • There is less need for local warehousing which is an additional saving.
  • Less packing materials are required when sending cargo via air freight. Airports today have strict, security and handling conditions when loading and unloading and must handle with care. This can also bring about further savings in packaging and time associated with additional packaging.

These are just some of the advantages when using international air freight forwarding as an option for your freight; however, it is wise to discuss all your needs so that a cost-effective and efficient service will meet all your needs.

*NOTE: International Air Freight Minimum 100 kgs


For more information on international air freight forwarding rates or to arrange a consultation contact Cinzia Sangalli on 1300 782 708