OTS-Australia Pty Ltd (A division of a hartrodt Australia P/L) are an experienced international freight company, providing a seamless airfreight solution at affordable prices from Europe to Australia. We manage all aspects of your air freight service including all customs clearance and national deliveries.


Why choose us for your air freight service? 


We are experience, reliable and a trusted partner offering a true “door to door “service with weekly consolidation departures from Europe (Italy and Germany weekly) to Australian ports.


We offer the following specialty services when choosing air freight for Europe to Australia:


– Weekly air consolidation from Milano (Italy) to Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane
– Weekly air consolidation from Frankfurt (Germany) to Melbourne/Sydney /Brisbane
– Pre-clearance of cargo –
– First day of availability – By unpacking in our Australian warehouse this allow us to provide quick availability of cargo.


Our Air Freight Consolidation Service:


Experience cost-effective shipping with our Air Freight consolidation service. Bundle your shipment with others to create a full load, reducing costs for everyone.
Working together with fellow shippers, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a shared load and lower expenses. Say goodbye to high air freight shipping fees and hello to affordable.
air freight.


When choosing to import your products using our airfreight consolidation services it is important to remember what your requirements are:


  • If cargo is urgent, then airfreight will be the best mode of transport.
  • If cargo is “high value “airfreight rates can be absorbed easily.
  • Consider airfreight service if the shipping costs are less than 20% of the value.
  • Consider airfreight service for dense cargo.



Airfreight Forwarders

We offer Consolidation services with a fixed departure and fixed space from the following countries:

Europe to Australia Services

  • Airfreight consolidation from Italy | Milano Airport to Australian Airport.
  • Airfreight consolidation from Germany | Frankfurt Airport to Australian Airports
  • Airfreight consolidation from Germany | Munich Airport to Australian Airports
  • Airfreight consolidation from Spain | Barcelona Airport to Australians Airport

Asia and South -East Asia Consolidation Services:

  • From China |Shenzhen Airport to Australian Airports
  • From China | Guangzhou Airport to Australian Airports
  • From China| Shanghai Airport to Australian Airports
  • From Chian | Beijing Airport to Australian Airports
  • From China |Hongkong Airport to Australian Airports
  • From Philippine | Manila Airport to Australian Airports
  • From Vietnam | Ho Chi Minh Airport to Australian Airports
  • From Thailand | Bangkok Airport to Australian Airports
  • From Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur Airport to Australian Airports
  • From Singapore | Singapore Airport to Australian Airports



For more information on international air freight forwarding rates or to arrange a consultation with our Sales Director call 1300 665 294