OTS Australia’s greatest strengths are in international wine freight forwarding and chain supply logistics for importers and exporters of wine, beer, spirits, alcohol and beverages from Europe to Australia. OTS offices are also situated throughout China with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen we can assist wine growers exporting to China.


Reduce your wine shipping costs with our state of the art Flexitanks bulk wine shipping containers.

Wine Bulk Storage Containers & Transport
Flexitank bulk wine storage containers.

Many winegrowers are moving towards shipping wine in bulk wine storage container offshore and then bottling before distribution. Flexitank bulk storage containers are the perfect solution.

EXPORT COUNTRIES:      Our most popular destinations are China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and the UK.

IMPORT COUNTRIES:      Our most popular destinations in Europe are Italy, France, Germany.

What is a Flexi Tank Bulk Wine Shipping Container?
A flexi-tank is a one-way bag used for transportation of bulk wine which is fitted inside a shipping container. Flexi-tanks are available in a range of sizes, however, the most common and economical way of transporting bulk wine is in a 24,000-litre flexi-tank.


• Effective, Safe and reliable
• End to end – Expertise and innovation
• Delivers peace of mind
• Environmentally Friendly
• Maximise your bottom line
• Protects your product and reputation

Our Easy Five Step Process:

1. The FlexiTank will arrive at your location.
2. Your wine is loaded into Flexi-tank from your wine containers on site.
3. Your cargo is transported via road or rail to the port of export and shipped to its destination.
4. Your cargo is then cleared through customs.
5. Finally, your Flexi Tank cargo is transported via road or rail to its final

For more information see OTS Wine Brochure and our brochure on exporting Australian Wine to China


Wine, Spirits, Beers and Alcohol Packaging and Temperature Controlled Freight Solutions

The international transportation of wines, beers, and spirits can be adversely affected if not transported or packaged correctly. Wines, beers, and spirits which are exposed to extreme heat and temperature changes will impact on quality, taste, and colour.

Evaluating and determining all options particularly when it comes to packaging, refrigeration and temperature control packaging is essential.



Thermal Cargo Blanket Containers

Thermal Blanket Containers
Thermal Cargo Blanket Containers

Our “Thermal Cargo Blankets Containers” will seal, insulate and protect against temperature changes, humidity, packaging and water spills. Our clients can be assured protection of their cargo with our “thermal cargo blankets containers” which are designed to protect your cargo from the risks associated with unpredictable climate conditions during transits, inland, at relay ports or on the quay for both, short or long voyages.

We use the Envirotuff Liner (ETL) which is a patented thermal liner designed to protect wine and other goods during transport. This is achieved by creating an environment that significantly reduces the rate at which temperature fluctuates thus not allowing the dew point to be reached.


Understanding how to best deliver and transport wine, beer and spirits around the world is our forte.

OTS Australia together with OTS China is an experienced international wine shipping companies.  Our experienced team of wine, beer, and alcohol specialist consultants are at the forefront of our success.

Wine Shipping Companies will need 3 essential components for the exportation of wine.

1. Export Authorisation
Firstly, if you are shipping wine above 100 litres you must be authorised by the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation. The corporation requires exporters to submit a detailed breakdown of all wines in each consignment and then provide the current export approved number of each wine.

2. Wine Export Licence
Companies exporting wine must obtain an export licence from The Wine and Brandy Corporation. Our consultant will assist a client to obtain licences, as they can be limited. These licences are also reviewed yearly and the company’s performance is taken into consideration.

3. Wine Export Approval
No Australian wine can be exported from Australia until it has been tested at a laboratory and then authorised for export by an expert tasting panel. Approvals are valid for one year.


Wine Australia – Regulatory Services

Wine Australia’s process for controlling the export of Australian wine is now focused on auditing both exporters and producers, supplemented by analysis of random samples of their products.

When importing into Australia we recommend reviewing the “User Guide for Labelling Alcoholic Beverages” for your convenience we have incorporated the user guide below:

Labelling Alcoholic Beverages User Guide for the Australian Market 

Accurate Calculating of Wine Cargo Costs.

Profit margins are essential for importers and exporters, therefore; the accurate calculating of your cargo costs is fundamental, done correctly, will pay dividends.


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Exporting Australian Wines to China, UK, Europe, Canada & USA.

Freight Services Around The World
Wine Exports to China, Singapore, and Indonesia

Importing Wines from Europe, Italy, France & Germany.


Delivering Australian Wine to the World Brochure

Dedicated Consolidation Services – Italy to Melbourne & Sydney.

OTS Australia together with our head office and partner OTS Italy is offering importers of wine from Italy, France, Germany, and Austria a dedicated consolidated temperature controlled container services. This service departs from Genova to Melbourne & Sydney. This consolidated service allows importers, distributor, and restaurants owner an opportunity to import small quantities (minimum 1 euro Pallets 80 cartons / 480 bottles) of wine from their preferred supplier. For more details Temperature Control LCL Cargo.

Bond Warehouse & Distribution of Wine, Beers & Spirits.

OTS Plus provides short term wine warehousing or storage for excess or overstocked supplies of beer pallets or cases. Our facility in Melbourne offers a state of the art commercial and industrial warehouse with ambient storage ideal for beers and spirits, we offer many additional support services include, de-stuffing, storage & packing.

Our client can enjoy our pick and pack service together with our specialist courier service for more efficient delivery to their final point of destination, anywhere in Australia.

Wine Freight Forwarders Italy to Australia.

We have many suppliers and distributors of quality wine from some of the best winemaking regions in Italy.

Italian Wine Regions

Wine Freight Forwarders France to Australia.

We have an establish history of importing wines from France to Australia.

French Wine Regions

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