Shipping Pumps & Spare Parts from Europe to Australia?



OTS Australia ( a division of A.hartrodt Australia) is a leading international freight company specializing in transporting a variety of pumps for the agriculture, gardening, irrigation, mining, manufacturing and Industrial Industries.

Depending on their size and weight of your pumps and spare parts shipment, we manage a number of services and they include sea consolidation or lcl, sea full containers or fcl and airfreight consolidation solutions this allow us to recommend the best shipping method for our clients.


What we offer?

One of our most popular services is our weekly LCL consolidation services from Italy and Germany into our major Australian Ports. This is an ideal service for any importer who does not have enough cargo to fill a full container and has to relay on a confirmed service every week.

How to avoid paying any shipping line storage?

We unpack in our own warehouses on arrival into Australia and provide a pre-clearing of your goods at least 1 week prior to landing.
This will allow us to delivery your goods on first day of availability and avoid paying any shipping line storage.

The benefited of shipping a full container (FCL?

Should you have enough to fill a full (FCL) Container, OTS Australia ( a division of a.hartrodt ) have negotiate yearly contracts with a number of shipping lines, which offer either direct (quick transit) or transshipment (longer transit)
Service into all Australia Port. due to our high-volume turnover of full containers, we are in a position to offer you very competitive prices especially for clients who require a dedicated space allotments on weekly departures.

For any projects where time is of essence?

OTS Aust (a division of a.hartrodt) offer a weekly consolidation airfreight services from Italy and Germany into major Australia airports.

Our expertise in shipping pumps & spare parts:

From small domestic pressure pump systems to large Industrial pumps, OTS Australia (division of a.hartrodt ) provides a full range of solutions to meet your needs.
We have a wealth of experience and expertise as we started our company servicing the machinery industry together with all associate accessories. We call on our experience in this field and we provide our clients with a dedicated team of experienced staff members who will handle all your needs from door to door.

We take pride in our knowledge of this industry, and we will start your freight forwarding journey on the right foot. Say goodbye to complicated freight issues and allow us to take ownership and control of all your freight needs. Trust us to handle all your freight needs with confidence.



Shipping freight forwarders for a full range of pumps which includes:

– Engineering Pumps
– Industrial Pumps
– Filtration Pumps
– Irrigation Pumps
– Electric Pumps
– Oil and Gas pumps.
– Mining Pumps
– Power Generation pumps
– Water and water wastage pumps
– Centrifugal pumps
– Bore hold Pumps.
– Compressor pumps
– Valves
– Vacuum pumps
– Manufacturing pumps
– Pulp and Paper Pumps

For any on the spot quotes please feel free to Contact Us. Our experienced sales team will come back to you within 24 hours with a door-to-door quotation.