OTS Plus provide bond & excise warehousing in Melbourne. This allows goods to enter into bond and be held indefinitely at our warehouse either without payment of any duties and taxes, until the goods are entered for home consumption or until they are exported.

OTS Plus – Bond & Excise Warehousing Melbourne

Customs Bonded & Excise Warehouse – Minimum 50 Pallets

There are strict customs regulations and security rules that apply when operating a bonded and excise warehouse. Activities permitted in a bonded warehouses are limited to ensure the security of the goods and the revenue payable to the commonwealth is protected. Some of these activities are as follows:

  • Bending
  • Unpacking
  • Repacking and packaging of certain types of goods

On top of our bond warehousing storage, OTS Plus also offers excise storage warehousing.  Excise equivalent goods (EEGs) are imported alcohol and fuel that, if produced or manufactured in Australia, would be subject to excise duty. Much the same as the bonded license, our excise license allows us to store excise products without having to pay the excise until the products are released.

Bond Warehouse for Wine Beer & Alcohol – Ambient Controlled Temperature

Providing ambient controlled bonded warehousing for Wine, Beer & Alcohol. OTS Plus is an experiences international wine, beer and alcohol freight forwarder, we work with many popular wine and alcohol manufacturers, importers and exporters throughout the globe and offer “Bond and Excise Warehouse Services in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane” as an additional support service for this industry.  Our team of wine consultants provider a thorough knowledge of the industry which is integral to our service.


77G & 79G Customs Bond Warehouse

OTS Plus provide 77G & 79G customs state of the art warehousing facilities in Melbourne. Under the 77G license this allow importers to have goods moved away from the wharf or airport for short-term storage and unpacking / de consolidation. Once all legislative requirements are met, the goods can be released or moved to a 79G bond warehouse or free store warehouse for further storage.

Bond Warehousing – Huge Saving & Benefits

Our Melbourne warehousing service offers importers and local producers with an efficient and cost effective solution for storing imported and locally produced products without paying duties and taxes on importation or production. The benefits of this are cost saving, increased cash flow and a more efficient supply chain.

Bond Warehousing and Distribution Logistics

OTS Plus logistic freight services, not only offers the bond & Excise warehousing of your products but also delivery to the final destination.  We can also tailor a transport distribution solution by road, rail or airfreight for those urgent deliveries.