OTS Plus (A Division of a hartrodt) have warehouses located in Melbourne,  Australia which offer outsourcing services for warehousing and distribution management – end to end.


Outsourcing Warehousing & Distribution Management Melbourne

Our seamless and efficient management and operational process for warehousing and distribution is tailored to your business objectives and needs.  We offer practical, sustainable and cost effective strategies. Outsourcing the operations and management of warehousing and distribution allows a company to concentrate on their core business values thereby increasing their return on assets, reducing administration costs, removing labour risks & costs and improving customer service.

Customer Service, Efficient Product Processing, Fast & Reliable Transport Distribution.

We offer a comprehensive and flexible contract warehousing and distribution service which can meet the needs of small and large corporations, whether your needs are great or small, we can provide a wide range of Supply Chain Services (end to end) including International Air Freight Forwarders & Sea Freight Forwarders, Bond Warehousing, Warehouse Pallet Storage Space, Customs Clearance, Pick and Pack Warehousing, Bulk Storage Warehousing and Land Transport Distribution.

Bulk Storage Warehouse Management

Bulk storage and inventory control warehouse management is ideal for storing large containers prior to meeting order dates, orders are managed and then properly distributed and transport to the client. . We are flexible to our client’s needs and requirement s. providing not only a quality service, expertise and experience.




We have listed our  Warehouse Services & Warehouse Space & Additions:

Warehouse Services :

  • Warehouse Pallet Storage Space
  • Stackable Hardstand Space – Ideal for palette storage of wines, beers, machinery parts & tools.
  • Block Stack Pallets Storage –  Volume Storage Space Available.
  • Contract warehousing
  • Outsourcing Warehousing and Distribution
  • Warehouse & Fulfillment Kitting Service
  • Bulk Storage
  • Pick and pack to all levels
  • 79G Bonded warehousing   (Melbourne Warehouse Only)
  • Loading and DE-stuffing containers
  • Cross docking
  • Labeling
  • Product re-working
  • Returns management
  • Stocktaking Warehousing
  • Quality Control
Warehousing Space & Additions:

• 5500 M2 Internal Warehouse Space
• 500 M2 Corporate Office with Boardroom & TV
• 4000 M2 External Hardstand
• 3000+ Pallet Space of Racking
• Full Concrete Wall Construction
• 12 X 40 Meter Canopy for unloading in wet weather
• Full B Double Drive around access
• 6 Reefer Plugs
• Wi-Fi/Scanning Operative


Warehouse Management Systems

Our warehouse management systems (WMS) are an integral part of our supply chain system. Its aim is to control the movement and storage of materials within our warehouse and process associated warehouse transactions, including shipping, receiving, storing and picking. Our WMS can direct and optimise stock put away based on real-time information utilisation. Our WMS utilise Data Capture technology, such as barcode scanners, and mobile computers, to efficiently monitor the flow of products. Our Warehouse management Systems (WMS) receives and accepts files electronically from our customers in real time. Customers can also ‘look up’ information and create reports on-line and email these reports to themselves using the Warehouse management Systems (WMS). The WMS can also transfer transport data seamlessly to external transport providers, reducing both cost and errors.


OTS Australia (A Division of a hartrodt) constantly seeks to increase customer satisfaction through our Certified Management System.

For more information on any of our warehousing & distribution services or to arrange an appointment contact Steve DeLorenzi on 1300 304 083