Shipping & Freight Training for New Importers


Once you have sourcing and purchased your products for import, what next?


Sourcing and buying products are the starting point, and often the easy and the fun part for many new importers.

The next step is getting your product shipped to your country of destination and then understanding the pros and cons of freight forwarding which is essential to avoid costly errors and improve your bottom line.

Our shipping and freight training for new importers ” will give importers the knowledge and fundamentals of International Shipping and will enable importers to take control of their business and feel confident in dealing with shipping agents and overseas suppliers.

You can start your importing journey by learning about the options you are given and make choices that are right for your business!

Knowledge is power!


This comprehensive training program is designed to educate and inform new importers. It outlines important questions and details each stage of the process and covers the fundamentals together with industry tips & hints, insights, useful & impactful video information and stories.


New Importers Training Guide


About the Shipping and Freight Trainer

Cinzia Sangalli a trusted and experience professional within the international freight Industry for close to 3 decades. Cinzia has a wealth of experience training and educating new importers.  During this time, she has worked and supported numerous new importing businesses, often when they encounter serious shipping problems. Cinzia ongoing training and guidance has been invaluable to many new importers and their success. New importers can now work directly with a skilled industry professional who will help them navigate the complex issues facing them with clarity and insight.

What our New Start-up Companies Say About Us ?


Hi Cinzia,

I hope this message finds you well.

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude for the prompt and comprehensive quotations you provided. Your dedication and the time you invested in understanding our requirements have not gone unnoticed.

However, after careful review and consideration, we have decided not to proceed further with the quote at this stage, as it exceeds our current budget constraints. Financial caution is utmost important for us at this stage, and we have to make decisions that align with our financial goals.

That said, your professionalism and the competitive offerings you presented have made a positive impression on us. We believe in the value and quality of the services you provide. Hence, while we may not be collaborating immediately, please rest assured that we will keep your details on file and consider your company for future orders or projects.

Once again, thank you for your time and effort. We genuinely appreciate your understanding in this matter. I look forward to the possibility of working together in the future.

Liam Tong.


If you are a new importer check out our FREE training program (coming soon) and if you need further assistance, please email Cinzia Sangalli directly.