Fumigation Treatments For BMSB Season


During BMSB period there are 3 approved treatment options:


• Heat Treatment
• Methyl Bromide
• Sulfuryl Fluoride


Australian Biosecurity require a set o minimum Standards for the application of the above Treatments. It is therefore important the treatment providers understand these requirements to manage risks.


Onshore Fumigation Treatment

Onshore treatment of goods is permitted with approved arranged provides which can be found on the departments websites https://www.agriculture.gov.au/biosecurity-trade/import/arrival/arrangements/sites

Offshore Fumigation Treatment

All treatment providers in other countries who intend to conduct BMSB treatments for goods that are manufactured in or shipped from Target risk Countries must register and be approved under the scheme by the department prior to treatment.
Every year freight forwarder receives a list of approved offshore fumigators. Treatment certificates from providers that have not registered or approved, and cargo will risk being re-fumigated on arrival into Australia


Fraudulent Certificates

The Department has detected the use of fraudulent certificates from offshore companies. It is important to note that if detected on arrival your cargo will be directed for onshore treatment

Important information for Importers

The department of Agriculture can at any time, cancel the licence of an approved offshore fumigator. This means that if cargo has been fumigated offshore by an approved fumigator but during the transit, the department has cancelled their licence, the client will be liable to pay another fumigation treatment on arrival.

Clients can contact the Agriculture department for any complaints by filling in their form online at https://www.agriculture.gov.au/about/contact/client-feedback/form


If you are importing products to Australia from Europe and need more information on the impacted of the BMSB Season and fumigation please contact us.