How to Import or Export Wine to and from Australia

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When it comes to importing or exporting wine to and from Australia it is wise to do your homework as there are many considerations and costs. Whether you are a wine exporter or want to import wine to selling and expand your existing wine range, finding the right wine shipping solutions and wine freight forwarder is paramount.


When Exporting Wine into Australia – what are the rules:


Top 4 Tips

1. To export wine from Australia, you must have a “Wine Export License”
2. You need to follow the processes set out by Australian Government.
3. Find the best transportation solution that will protect your cargo.
4. How to choose and source wine from Australia, they include:


• Direct from Winery – sounds easy, but large wineries have distribution agreements in place, either with their own operation, or distributors and agents. Smaller Boutique wineries often have wines that are above the $5.00 AUD price point that importers seek.
• Australian Buying Agents – wine exporters who source wines either from distributors/wholesalers or direct from Wineries.
• Brand Owners – companies that have our own labels produced at Wineries

Importing Wine into Australia – what are the rules:


Top 3 Tips

1. To import wine into Australia you do not require a License.
2. Find a Freight Forwarder. You do need to find an experienced freight forwarder who can provide and offer a bonded warehouse to ensure you avoid paying any wet tax on alcohol on arrival by using. See Bonded Warehousing in Melbourne OTS PLUS.
3. The main factors in determining how much duty you will pay when importing alcohol to Australia are:
– What type of alcohol your importing (e.g.: wine beers or spirits)?
– What is the volume % of alcohol in the products?
For Beers and Spirits there are generally two main costs involved i.e.: Duty and GST. However, if you are importing Wines or Sherries then there is Wet Tax as an addition to the Duty and GST cost.


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Contact OTS Australia on 1300 665 294 and ask for our Customs Department before you start importing any alcohol, spirit, or wine product into Australia.

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