Importing Timber into Australian

When importing timber and timber related products it is essential to comply with all government agencies requirements.  You will need to have all the correct documentation prepared. Quarantine requirements must be handled by experienced timber freight forwarders. If not handled correctly importers can face heft costs.

Timber can be infected by insect infestation; timber must be treated by fumigation before the timber can be released. All importers of timber and wood related products must be ware and comply with DAFF Biosecurity import standards and conditions to ensure the protection of Australia environment and agricultural industries against harmful pests and diseases.

The two steps which need to be undertaken to ensure the biosecurity conditions are met:

  1. Check the list of timber and wooden related products to identify what category your product sits under.
  2. Check the Import Conditions Database (ICON) based on the category you identified in step 1.

Or call OTS Australia who will take the hassle out of timber transportation to and from Australia.